I'm that kind of cook who add a bit, taste and if necessary I add a little more. That's why my own recipes are quite rough. So I recommend tasting while baking.. :)

STRAWBERRY-VANILLA CHEESECAKE (11 cm cake tin, so at least double the recipe if you use normal 22-26cm tin.)

5 Ryvita crisp breads, 1/2 banana, about handful of peanuts and 2-3 tbsp puree or unsweetened jam (I used Piltti). As a sweetener stevia or/and honey. 

Crush and mix everything together. And if you like, add a bit of cinnamon.

100g of Philadelphia (3% fat), 3 dl fat free strawberry-vanilla yoghurt (Valio), 1 egg white, 3 gelatins, 1/3 lemon juice/water/fun light. Stevia or other sweetener. 1-2 tsp of vanilla extract or powder if you want stronger taste of vanilla.

Mix Philadelphia and yoghurt together. Foam egg white until it's thick and foamy. Mix it carefully with cheese and yoghurt. I used liquid stevia so I've no idea of drops but about 1/3dl if you use powder, less if you mix gelatins with fun light. I also sliced strawberries in to the topping. 

Put to the fridge for couple of hours. Enjoy with fruits and berries, maybe with dark chocolate.. ;)

Have a great weekend people!

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